Room: 3
Session: AI and R@ISE

Research in Advanced Low-code/No-code Application Development: Aspects around the R@ISE Approach
Margaria and Hinchey
14:40Evolving AI for Wellness: Dynamic and Personalized Real-time Loneliness Detection Using Passive SensingQirtas, Zafeiridi, Bantry-White, and Pesch
15:00Human Activity RecognitionSingh, Margaria, and Demrozi
15:20AI meets Low-Code: the HIPPP Health Information Portal for Patients and PublicBrandon, Kelly, Leddin, and Margaria
15:40Abstraction-based Reduction of Input Size for Neural NetworksBackeman, Jelačić, Seceleanu, Xiong, and Seceleanu

Room: 3
Session: MC and teaching/education

16:30Digitalisation in industry 4.0 for an SMERyan
16:50Teaching the specialized language of Mathematics with a data-driven approach: what data do we use?Fissore, Floris, Marchisio Conte, and Sacchet
17:10AI and Broker Architecture for an international educational collaboration, a Case Study: Colaiste Nano Nagle School in Limerick, Ireland, and Irshad High School in Kabul, AfghanistanSaay
17:30Studying Formal methods Using ChatGPTBackeman, Gu, and Lorber