Room: 1

11:00ChatGPT in the Loop – A Natural Language Extension for Domain-Specific Modeling LanguagesBusch, Nolte, Bainczyk, and Steffen
11:30Software Verification in the Presence of Generated ProgramsBeyer
12:00A Survey of Safety and Trustworthiness of Large Language Models through the Lens of Verification and ValidationHuang, Ruan, Huang, Jin, Dong, Wu, Mu, Qi, Zhao, Cai, Zhang, Wu, Xu, Wu, Freitas, Mustafa, and Bensalem
14:30Integrating Distributed Component-Based System through Deep Reinforcement LearningCohen and Peled
15:00AI-Assisted Programming with Test-based RefinementAichernig and Havelund
15:30Award Ceremony
Coffee Break
16:30Discussion: The possible, and desired, future of AI assisted programming