Room: 2

11:00Towards developing a multi-dimensional health data analysis frameworkRabbi and Lamo
11:30Systematic AI Support for Psychiatry: A Framework on How to Implement Decision Support SystemsBertl, Ross, Piho, and Draheim
12:00Digital Twin for the Formal Analysis of a Depth of Anaesthesia ControllerAbdElSalam, Bensalem, Delacourt, HE, Katsaros, Kekatos, Peled, Ponchant, Ruiz Nolasco, Ryad, Temperekidis, and WU
14:30Domain Specific Workflows for Segmentation of Individual Cells in the Neighbourhood of TumorsBrandon, Singh, Ryan, Fennell, and Margaria
15:00CRISPly – A development methodology supporting FDA approval for machine learning enabled medical devicesPordevin, Pechmann, Brehmer, and Nowotka
15:30From anonymization to privacy-preserving data processing in medical applicationsMohammadi
Coffee Break
16:30General discussion, summary of the workshop and next steps