Room: 2

09:00Some Recent Perspectives on Ensuring Neural Networks SafetyKřetı́nský
09:40What, Indeed, is an Achievable Provable Guarantee for Learning-Enabled Safety-Critical SystemsBensalem, Cheng, Huang, Huang, Wu, and Zhao
10:00DeepAbstraction++: Enhancing Test Prioritization Performance via Combined Parameterized BoxesAl-Qadasi, Falcone, and Bensalem
Coffee Break
11:00Shielded Learning for Resilience and Performance based on Statistical Model Checking in SimulinkAdelt, Bruch, Herber, Niehage, and Remke
11:20Formal XAI via Syntax-Guided SynthesisBjørner, Judson, Cano, Goldman, Shoemaker, Piskac, and Bettina
11:40Partially Observable Environments with Active MeasuringKrale