Room: 1
Session: Verification

14:30Formal Verification of a Neural Network Based Prognostics System for Aircraft EquipmentKirov, Rollini, Guglielmo, and Cofer
14:50The inverse problem for neural networksForets and Schilling
15:10Distribution-Aware Neuro-Symbolic VerificationZaid, Diekmann, and Neider
15:20Towards Formal Guarantees for Networks’ OverconfidenceKabaha and Drachsler Cohen

Room: 1
Session: Verification / Autonomy

16:30Towards Verification of Changes in Dynamic Machine Learning Models using Deep Ensemble Anomaly DetectionKatzke, Li, Klüttermann, and Müller
16:50Reachability for neural-network control systemsSchilling
17:10Continuous Engineering for Trustworthy Learning-enabled Autonomous SystemsBensalem, Katsaros, Nickovic, Liao, Nolasco, Ahmed, Beyene, Cano, Delacourt, Esen, Forrai, He, Huang, Kekatos, Konighofer, Paulitsch, Peled, Ponchant, Sorokin, Tong, and Wu
17:20Verification of a Neural Network for Modelling the Dynamics of a QuadcopterDulai and Garcia