Room: 2
Session: Verification / Autonomy & Benchmark

11:00Benchmarking Formal Verification for the Perception Tasks of Autonomous Driving in the WildLuo, Ma, Han, and Xie
11:20Benchmark: Neural Network Malware ClassificationRobinette, Lopez, and Johnson
11:40VNN Benchmark Proposal: Remaining Useful Life Predictor for Aircraft EquipmentKirov and Rollini
12:00VNN Benchmark Proposal: Object Detection for Maritime Search and RescueKirov, Rollini, Chandrahas, Reddy, Chandupatla, and Sawant
14:30A benchmark suite of neural networks for anomaly detection in batch distillationLutz and Neider
14:50Formal Verification of Semantic Segmentation Neural Networks – Benchmark ProposalPal, Lee, and Johnson
15:10Empirical Analysis of Benchmark Generation for the Verification of Neural Network Image ClassifiersLopez and Johnson
15:40Discussion + Wrap-up