Room: 3

Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage in AI and IT-enabled environments
Breathnach and Margaria
09:15The GraphBRAIN Framework for Knowledge Graph Management and its Applications to Cultural HeritageFerilli, Bernasconi, Di Pierro, and Redavid
09:30Using passive sensing to predict depressionZafeiridi, Qirtas, Bantry-White, and Pesch
09:45Coding historical causes of death data with Large Language ModelsPedersen, Islam, Bongo, Garrett, Reid, and Sommerseth
10:00Mapping Madness: HGIS and the granular analysis of Irish patient recordsWalsh and Clancy
Coffee Break
11:00Interoperating Civil Registration of Death and Census data: Old Age and marriage as categories of analysisSchieweck, Murphy, and Breathnach
11:15Common Language for Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability in Historical DemographyMourits, Riswick, and Stapel
11:30Issues in Data Capture from Historical Government RecordsO'Shea
11:45Teacher training on AI and gamificationFissore, Floris, Fradiante, Marchisio Conte, and Sacchet
12:00Digitised historical sources and non-digital humanists: an interdisciplinary challenge?Le Roux and Gasperini